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Energy, Energy, Energy!

by Farzan A. - "CommerciaTrade"


Focus on the importance of your body, performance, and health

HYPERGY™ is a high quality energy booster made with all natural ingredients in a form of Gummy Blocks containing 50mg Caffeine per Block. HYPERGY™ is now being offered in the Canadian Market by CommerciaTrade Canada Corporation.

HYPERGY™ is manufactured in Germany in compliance with GMP requirements. The focus is to develop high quality natural energy-booster by using selected plant extracts, vitamins and minerals of the highest quality, all packaged in a form of luxurious Gummy Blocks. The ingredients used in HYPERGY™ have all been tested and approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and reported to Health Canada.

- The idea is obvious -

Caffeine has been known to enhance energy, mental sharpness, and alertness, and it is commonly used by athletes, students, and people with demanding jobs. Each pack of HYPERGY™ contains six individually packed Gummy Blocks in a pharmaceutical blister, with 50mg Caffeine per Block for total of 300mg Caffeine per pack.

HYPERGY™ is formulated to help enhance energy, cognitive performance, and motor performance; to promote alertness, wakefulness, and endurance; and to help in energy metabolism and in tissue formation. It is also recommended as workout supplement and athletic support.

- HYPERGY™ is the long-awaited alternative -

HYPERGY™ is the long-awaited alternative to coffee, energy drinks, and similar products in the market. Unlike many of those products, it is sugar, gluten, preservatives, dairy, and yeast free, and made from Non-GMO ingredients; hence, making it suitable for anyone with any dietary requirements.

Due to the molecular structure of HYPERGY™, the micro-nutrients enter the bloodstream with contact to the oral mucous membrane; however, many other caffeinated products in the market often contain encapsulated caffeine and they usually take time to enter and dissolve in the stomach.

So, are you ready to discover an innovative German engineered energy-booster designed to help you to do more! 

"Enjoy HYPERGY™ and always read and follow the label!"
  • Jul 22, 2020
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