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MIXED PACK - Exclusive to CommerciaShop

MIXED PACK SIX- 2 x Cranberry / Mint / Tutti-Frutti

MIXED PACK BOX - 5 x Cranberry / Mint / Tutti-Frutti


HYPERGY™ Gummy Blocks are high quality energy booster made with natural ingredients containing 50mg Caffeine per Block in addition to Taurine, Vitamin B5, and Inulin.

  • Helps to enhance energy and cognitive performance
  • Helps to promote alertness, wakefulness, and endurance
  • Helps to relieve fatigue and to enhance motor performance
  • Workout supplement and athletic support

Each Gummy Block is packaged and sealed in individual packets to eliminate possible contact with outside particles, viruses or bacteria before use.




MIXED PACK BOX - Packaged in an exclusive and elegant Display Box (Great Gift Idea)

PACKAGING - Box of HYPERGY™ contains 15 Packs of 6 Gummy Blocks (90 Gummy Blocks)

NPN80091217 - Natural Health Product

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